Tell me why on rate hike

Tell me why. Why does the Lubeck PSD want to raise rates on customers? The PSD received a rate increase in May of 2016. Now they want nearly a 16 percent increase on sewer rates. Why? They say it’s because the new law states they have to have a savings. Why did the elected officials vote for that stupid law? Then they stated they didn’t get as many people to sign up for the Belleville water line extension.

Well that’s not my fault they made a stupid investment that didn’t pan out for them. In one article they stated they wanted to use the increase for upgrades to the sewer plant. Well are they going to bring in an out-of-state contractor and out-of-state workers like they did when they repainted the water tanks?

The question I really want to know is why are they having community meetings during weekdays at 1 p.m.? That’s when most of us customers are working so we can earn money to pay our water bill. I hope all the customers of Lubeck PSD contact the county commissioners and tell them to vote no on this increase.

Brian Stanley

Washington, W.Va.