Stop the shooting

Last week a Facebook post suggested that people commemorate the senseless shooting in Texas. We were asked to email our Congresspeople with one suggestion per day on how to stop these deaths for 26 days — one suggestion for each person who lost his life. We were then asked to post our daily idea to #26days26ways. If enough people submit comment our Congresspeople will be aware that the gun control issue has the nation’s concern.

As I am writing this, families in California are mourning the loss of five people and a number of people are seriously wounded less than two weeks after the Texas shooting.

My contribution to the #26days26ways for day 2 was:

“26 ideas for gun control in 26 days. Not necessarily in the order of importance or ease of implementation.

“An owner should be responsible for a gun purchased or given to him until he reports it lost, sold or stolen.

“Weekly announcements of the massacre of innocent people by angry gunmen is completely unacceptable in a supposedly civilized country. Do something to develop a program to stop this carnage.”

What are your ideas to stop mass shootings? Send them to your Congresspeople. Maybe someone will generate a workable idea.

Judith Peascoe