Proven right

In a previous letter, I stated had Putin interfered in our 2016 presidential election, it would have been to help Hillary win, because Putin wanted Hillary for our next president.

With new revelations coming to light concerning the Clintons collusion with the Russian government over the Uranium One scandal, I feel vindicated that my statement was accurate.

As Secretary of State, Hillary and husband Bill brokered the Uranium One deal, which gave the Russian government 20 percent of the United States uranium reserves for which the Clinton Foundation received $146 million in kickbacks from the Russian government.

Around 2010, many people believed Hillary would be the next POTUS, including Putin. Therefore, Putin was eager to have dealings with Hillary as Secretary of State, to have his foot in the door for future deals with Hillary as president.

Things fell apart for Putin and the Clintons when Trump won the presidency. Hillary had planned, as president, to cover up all evidence of the Uranium One deal and their Russian collusion.

With Trump in office, new facts are emerging including Obama’s role in Uranium One. Uranium is a rare element, which has to be imported into the U.S., ergo, Obama knew that it would be impossible to convince the Republican-controlled Senate that it was in the nation’s best interest to sell the Russian government 1/5 of our uranium, so he covertly bypassed the Senate.

We are now hearing how Hillary had the fix in, with the Democratic Party, to steal the nomination away from Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary. Again, Hillary colluded with the Russians to purchase a fake dossier on Trump for millions of dollars, to discredit him and cost him the election. Hillary and the Democratic Party paid protesters to disrupt Trump campaign rallies. Still, Hillary lost the election.

The Clintons have a trail of corruption and scandals from Bill’s days as governor of Arkansas, through Hillary’s term as Secretary of State to the present. So maybe the Clintons will finally face justice.

The Trump-Russian collusion story was fabricated by the fake news media and is unraveling daily. Maybe some liberal readers may have to admit that I’ve been right all along and eat crow.

Liberals tell me, eating crow is not half bad, once you get past the feathers.

Steve Wolverton