Keep eye on children

Again I observed a very precarious situation as I shopped last week. A mother had left her 12- to 14-month old precious baby unattended and unbelted while the little one bobbled and teetered in a grocery cart seat. The four to five minutes I was in the area the mother had her back turned away from her child. She was preoccupied and made no attempt to glance at her baby to ensure his safety. Her child definitely was not her priority as she continued a dialogue with the clerk.

Hazardous incidents such as this send chills down my spine. I became frightened for the child, who may suffer from parental negligence.

My family experienced an accident of this type. While my mother shopped with her 18-month-old daughter, she turned her head for an instant, but it took only those few seconds for my sister to tumble down as her head struck the concrete floor. My mother’s rapid actions failed to break the fall. Before her demise, my baby sister endured seven weeks of severe neuromuscular problems and pain. Our family endured misery beyond description.

So parents of youngsters, nothing can be so important in your life than not to carelessly leave your child unprotected. It is a long 36 inches for a small child to fall from the top of the cart to the concrete floor. There could be a possibility you may look and your child is gone. Kidnapping could and does occur.

Once a crisis of this magnitude enters your life, you would spend the remainder of your years with guilt, blame and remorse for which there is no reversal. Please, for the sake of your child, take good care of the gift God gave you.

Sherry Deskins