We are free

We are free men and women because of our veterans, our POWs, MIAs, KIAs and so on. My family is made up of veterans, so every time we go to war I — also a veteran — ask, Why?

The answer I get is, for our freedom. So I came a free man, to kneel, sit or stand for the National Anthem. I choose to stand, but I will not let my lame government tell me that I can’t do otherwise.

Our president chose not to serve his country when his country called upon him to serve. His choice. Bad choice.

Thank you, veterans, the 1 percent that truly serve this great free country of ours. Peaceful protest is great, for truly free men and women.

Our government should focus on other issues that take away from our veterans, like fraudulent welfare and fraudulent disabilities. Billions wasted, that this great country needs.

Stephen Lanham