Reich is a Trump hater

Donald Trump has many faults but he does not deserve Mr. Reich’s continuous vitriolic attacks.

I don’t know when professional liberal activist and former Clinton Secretary of Labor bureaucrat Robert Reich went totally off the rails crazy, but he needs professional help. Literally every column he writes which appears in your paper these days is a hate-filled anti-Trump rant. His act is certainly tiresome. He needs to get a life away from his new career of hate speech. At some point in time he morphed from liberal Democrat to become a full blown Marxist/Socialist Utopian idiot.

From his Wikipedia bio:

“On February 26, 2016, he endorsed Bernie Sanders for President of the United States. After Sanders ended his campaign, Reich urged Sanders’ supporters to back eventual Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.”

“In February 2017, Reich stated that he wouldn’t rule out that violence at UC Berkeley against Donald Trump supporter Milo Yiannopoulos was a right-wing false flag for Trump to strip universities of federal funding. This idea was described as “phantasmagorical” by The Washington Post.”

“Reich also supports an unconditional and universal basic income. On the eve of a June 2016 popular vote in Switzerland on basic income, he declared that countries will have to introduce this instrument sooner or later.”

Charles Carroll