Predictable tragedy response

The News and Sentinel published a letter to the editor on Oct. 22 titled, “Peddling Fear.” That letter was the typical right-wing response we’ve come to expect every time the nation suffers another mass-murder via gunfire.

That letter included the usual nauseating lecture about gun ownership rights. This guy was ranting about those nasty liberals who threaten his privileges. He was on-message without interruption for eight paragraphs. Not once did he express a single word of empathy for the 58 dead and 500 injured in that Las Vegas tragedy.

Letters like that are very annoying. It’s not the pro-gun position that bothers me. It’s the whining, complaining, self-pity many pro-gunners articulate when they’re challenged by reasonable suggestions concerning changes in gun regulation.

I’m a gun owner who believes we need changes in the rules of ownership. I no longer hunt but I do love to shoot and I go to the range as often as possible. I have 11 firearms in my gun safe including two assault rifles and five sidearms. I also have a carry permit. I’d be willing to make my gun rights negotiable if it would keep firearms out of the reach of all the crazies.

Of course, just thinking about negotiating gun-rights reform with the NRA is an alien concept. They would refuse any negotiation even if the discussion was only limited to blocking the sale of firearms to certifiable nut-cases.

In the 1920s Congress outlawed casual ownership of full automatic weapons. That change in the law didn’t compromise anyone’s 2nd Amendment rights and that change proved to be the right thing to do. Why not apply the same thinking today to AR assault rifles, bump-stocks and large capacity magazines?

I’m tired of listening to these pro-gun drum beaters who wrap themselves in the national flag and proclaim themselves super patriots. These people actually believe gun ownership makes them better citizens. They believe that because the NRA has convinced them it’s true.

Ralph Chambers