More liberal hypocrisy

A letter in the Oct. 15 edition challenged a previous writer to present one instance of liberals ever accusing a gun of murder or show evidence of a gun being prosecuted for murder.

I would challenge that writer, himself, to document a case of a gun ever committing a murder on its own. The shooter and only the shooter is responsible for committing murder, period. Not the gun, not Trump, not the GOP, not the NRA, etc.

Yet the fake news media and far left push for ever-stricter gun control because of their hatred of guns and the Second Amendment. Criminals are criminals because they do not obey current gun laws and will not obey any new gun laws enacted.

Oh yes, there are places where guns used in the commission of a crime are required to be destroyed, by law, as though the gun itself committed the crime.

Obama refused to condemn radical Muslims because he has no backbone or strength of character. Calling out radical Islam is not painting all Muslims with a broad brush. Also, Obama, by his own words, is a Muslim sympathizer.

Trump, in his speeches, has no problem referring to fascists as fascists.

According to the polls, Trump is in step with most Americans in criticizing sports figures who kneel during the national anthem for disrespecting our flag. Only the far left disagrees.

The Russians disrespecting our election process by interfering in our election process is yet to be proven; the same as the myth that Trump colluded with the Russians to get himself elected.

Why do the writer, the liberal news media and far left politicians not condemn Obama for interfering in the Israeli election, in an unsuccessful attempt to unseat Bebe Netanyahu, which is a proven fact? If we want other nations to respect our electoral process, we should respect theirs.

Trump is an intelligent businessman who speaks his mind, not a professional career politician. Trump and Pence are not the ultimate hypocrites — those are the far leftists like Hillary Clinton. Hillary went on TV bashing Trump as the sexual predator in the White House. Hillary apparently forgot her husband Bill was once in the White House. Liberal hypocrisy at its finest.

Steve Wolverton