EPA not our enemy

Have you ever wondered when driving in to Wood County on I-77 or U.S. 50, just what is a “Polymer Alliance Zone?”

After a full day of searching, I finally found the Alliance’s small office tucked away in an obscure place in Davisville, W.Va. A very nice lady manned the office and gave me a list of politicians, all supporters of big chemical companies.

Thus, I learned that this alliance was a lobby association for the mutual benefit of big, rich and greedy chemical corporations.

As the polymer stockpile continued to smolder and school remained closed, I wondered how many other old factories and warehouses are filled with polymer compounds.

Gov. Justice could not say the dangers of breathing our stinking smoke-filled air, deferring to experts.

If the Alliance wants jobs and factories in the valleys of West Virginia, then why are they not promoting a safer environment by supporting the Environmental Protection Agency and those politicians sympathetic to the health of working citizens of our state?

If any place needs the EPA, it is West Virginia, now little more than a third world state of environmental disasters. Need I mention mountain top mining, stream pollution and toxic dump sites?

As these tragedies unfold, where are our politicians from Washington?

Joe Manchin, Shelley Capito and David McKinley, are they all simply rubber stamps for Trump’s agenda that includes the destruction of the EPA?

It is obvious many West Virginia citizens have been brain washed to vote against their own best interests by electing officials wanting to trash the EPA, a friendly ally that can actually help our state.

Stanley Cole