A reaction to a reaction

Guess I struck a nerve with my rhetorical questions published Oct. 8. I’ll try to respond. The first question had to do with blaming the bomber for a bombing, but blaming the guns for shootings. My questions, let it be said, were dismissed as “infantile.” This is typical of the kind of airy condescension liberals use when they must confront their intellectual inferiors — such as myself.

The writer asks me to present one instance where liberals have ever accused a gun of murder, and further, to “show evidence” of a gun ever being prosecuted for murder. Let it be noted that I clearly cited my source for the question as Colonel Alan West; my accuser might want to take it up with him.

The second part of this “crushing” dismissal of my basic premise has to do with a gun being prosecuted for murder. Got a good chuckle out of this.

Next question: If Trump didn’t condemn the skinheads in Charlottesville (causing the liberals to say he should be labeled a fascist), then why did Obama’s refusal to condemn Muslim terrorists not make him a Muslim terrorist? My critic’s claim was that a “thinking” president didn’t want to further inflame the Middle East against us. My quick response to that is: How could we tell if they were further inflamed? Seems to me they’re pretty down on our case right now. We are known as “the Great Satan” to many over there.

The skinhead disruption in Charlottesville merely shows that there are idiots on both the right and the left sides of the political spectrum. Nazi flag — Nazi salute — yes, yes, I get it. And I would wager all my personal fortune (debt, really) that not one in 100 of them could tell you what fascism is. Or who Hitler was, for that matter. How is this different from Occupy Wall Street? Or Black Lives Matter? Extremism is ugly wherever it is found.

I’ve seen this person’s postings in the past and I know that nothing I can say will change his displeasure with my writings. That’s the beauty of it: we’re both entitled to our opinions. But if the media gets into it, my detractor is a champion of liberal virtues, while I am a fascist, a racist, and an all-round bad guy.

Oh, well, I knew the job was dangerous when I took it.

Don Geibel