Fighting domestic enemies

President Trump is the interminable obsession of the corrupt mainstream media. They replay their leftwing lunacy on a continuous loop.

The Associated Press and New York Times lead the print media with anti-Trump propaganda in nearly every article and op-ed. From there the lies and leftist political opinions are picked up by outlets around the globe and repeated as truth and news.

It’s abundantly clear that practically all the MSM are out to destroy Donald Trump and his presidency. TV talking head derangement syndrome has reached the point where one must question the sanity of those engaging in ludicrous, but unmistakable delusions that Trump did not win the election and other absurd illusions.

Any disagreement with leftist Marxist tenets is deemed as hate speech and all public demonstrations by conservative groups invite physical attack by the bottom-feeding left; and then vilification by the media.

Successfully creating upheaval requires creating wedge issues, crises and, most of all, divisions between races, classes, genders, religions and anything liberals can rub together to create friction. In their long and tortuous trek of turning over all of life’s little rocks, the left finds discrimination under every upturned stone.

Most leftwing groups owe their existence to the continuous hatching of parasitic larvae formulated in government education and academic laboratories of colleges and universities. Over ninety percent of college and university instructors and administrators are liberal and devote extraordinary resources toward indoctrinating young people into their leftist orthodoxy. From these corrupt bureaucratic beginnings, modern Marxists are born.

Others are leftovers from the corrupt and racist presidency of Marxist Barack Obama. They are of the same community organizing socialist ilk and hold the identical racist and vitriolic views about and against America’s founders.

Donald Trump’s victory over Bill Clinton’s wife unites the progressives. President Trump is doing what he promised, eliminating Obama’s so-called legacy items of presidential orders and decrees. The entire left and much of the Republican Party establishment congregated into a “Hate Trump” coalition. They fear the worst from Donald Trump — that he will do exactly what he promised.

It’s time Americans drew an unmistakable defensive line. A line that defines decency, defends constitutional liberties, protects our culture and stands against the tyrannical policies of the left. Moreover, it must promote American exceptionalism and outline a vibrant path forward for liberty in this great republic.

The line must clearly define the terms of America’s path to victory to her domestic enemies; this far and no further!

Jim Mullen