Do something about climate

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has cried in front of the computer while watching heartbreakingly sad stories related to the massive devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. Although the actual property losses are estimated to be in the billions and a new benchmark disaster of record; the traumatic, emotional impact on the affected populace cannot be calculated or remedied by dollars.

Climate scientists have made it clear that climate change makes storms like Harvey stronger and wetter. Heavy rainstorms and their resulting flooding are increasing in frequency and intensity worldwide and are the result of a hotter planet. A warmer atmosphere enhances evaporation rates and increases the carrying capacity of rainstorms.

The media continues to ignore the root causes of these escalating weather events and their impacts on communities. The Trump administration’s climate denial is making things worse. We cannot let the media or politicians overlook the realities of global warming and its impacts. It is long past time to have important discussions about solutions and to hold our public officials accountable for action on the climate problem.

This is truly a civilization-defining global scale problem and inaction by the rest of us will only contribute to the consequences. There is a critical need for climate action and we all have a moral duty to our children to address this crisis and save our beautiful planet. No one can do everything but everyone can do something. For your grandchildren’s future choose to be a climate activist and not a criminal ancestor. Start by attending a Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action informational meeting held the third Thursday of each month at the First Christian Church at 1400 Washington Ave. in Parkersburg. Everyone is welcome.

Giulia Mannarino