Hold politicians accountable

Now is the time for the American people to call for an amendment to the Constitution to put term limits on ALL elected officials. Our elected officials campaign for office and stay in campaign mode. They no longer do the people’s business. This year is the first time in years that a budget without a continuing resolution was passed and that was the responsibility of the last year. When I have brought term limits up to my representatives, they smile and say “you have term limits, you vote.”

We need safeguards and checks to ensure that our vote counts. We need a free press that tells the facts and not opinions. There is an opinion page for that. Reporters inserting their opinion should be made to say “This is my opinion.”

You will hear people say that you need to elect a brand name. These Brand Names are the ones who got us in this mess. This is why Donald J. Trump got elected. He was not a brand name politician. The country’s problems are not caused by an R or a D, but by greed and power of the majority elected.

A friend from Japan was visiting and she said “American new is gossip.” She then told me that when the power plant was destroyed in Japan, it was reported how fast the Japanese government got the bridges and roads built. She told me it was the Americans that repaired the roads and other stories that our news reported in error.

What have the politicians done in a joint role to even try to fix the problem. In retrospect, the problems that are occurring are showing the American people, our politicians are more interested in gossip than doing the work they were sent to do.

Garnet Powell