Willing to help

I chose to move to Harrison County because I knew it would be a wonderful place to retire. I didn’t anticipate that I’d be living (literally) in the middle of the shale gas boom, with its associated traffic, pipelines, noise, etc. We all have had to adjust accordingly, and while there have been problems, I believe this development has generally been a positive one.

I have had some contractual issues with certain pipeline companies and am engaged in a legal process with them now. We will know more about the outcome in the next couple of months, but the purpose of this letter is not to discuss pipelines but to share with you my observations about our current state representative, Andy Thompson.

Andy and I were introduced by Al Landis, who represented Harrison County in 2011 and 2012. Al had many kind things to say about Andy, and I share that favorable opinion. Andy has stayed in pretty constant communication with me during his time in office, has provided good advice and support, and has listened to my concerns. Isn’t that what we expect our elected officials to do?

Andy helped connect me to the Ohio Farm Bureau so that we could discuss eminent domain and other concerns related to oil and gas. He brought in colleagues like Rep. Dave Hall to share his wealth of knowledge about oil and gas. This has been of immense help to me.

In addition, Andy has looked out for our county. Thanks to the capital bill the legislature passed, Harrison County, and Cadiz in particular will receive $400,000 to help connect our new school with safe pathways to the downtown. This will assist our parents, schoolchildren, teachers and other citizens in getting to the school and back home safely. Andy also secured $50,000 in matching money for our county fairground for improvements needed there.

Andy is endorsed by many admirable organizations, including The Ohio Farm Bureau, The Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the Ohio Society of CPAs and Ohio Right to Life. I am pleased to endorse him as well, and hope you will likewise vote to re-elect him on Nov. 8.

John K. Lovejoy