Vote for progress

This letter is in response to one dated Sept. 18, by Mr. James Kendall. The letter says it is “horrible” that our next president will be either Hillary Clinton or Donald J. Trump. I do believe that it will indeed be horrible if Trump is elected. However, I think the choice we face is actually an easier one, perhaps, than in previous election years. Our current president has stated to the press that Trump is “unsuitable to be President of the United States.” He has also stated, in his endorsement of Clinton, “I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office.” The author obviously has a great respect for the popular vote. I do, too, and I’ve always been unhappy with the electoral college idea, not to mention “super-delegates.” You might be interested to learn that President Obama was the first president in over five decades to be elected twice with over 50 percent of the popular vote. I think his judgment should be respected.

This election is a lot tighter race than many people realize. Any vote cast for someone other than Hillary Clinton will be, in effect, a vote for Trump. So will any vote that goes uncast. I wish that all hardcore Bernie fans would listen to Bernie. He’s endorsing and campaigning for Clinton.

The way to change the way our politicians “do their jobs” is to vote for the party with the most progressive platform they have ever had; the Democratic Party. The alternative is to empower the party of those who refuse to do their jobs in Congress. That is the Republican Party; the same party that has been passing voter suppression legislation intended to silence many of the voices of that popular vote Mr. Kendall and I respect so highly.

Jennifer Nan Lee