Don’t help thieves

Recently this newspaper has reported that valuables are being stolen from unattended cars. This crime is increasing, according to those reports. Some will find fault with me, but I offer a common sense cure for this crime. When common sense is employed, this thievery will stop.

It is simple. To women: don’t leave your purse in plain sight, sitting on the seat of your unattended car. To men: I offer the same advice regarding your wallet. Don’t leave anything valuable, not even a few coins amounting to 10 cents or less, in plain sight in your unattended car.

I do not suggest the police department would operate a “sting,” however, that might explain the otherwise unbelievably stupid situation I witnessed in the Grand Central Mall parking lot. I parked next to another vehicle whose windows were rolled down. Sitting in the passenger seat, within easy reach of anyone walking by the vehicle, was a woman’s purse. Protruding from that open purse was an open bank envelope showing $20 bills, appearing to be several hundred dollars. There was no one anywhere near this vehicle. I looked and saw no one. This purse was noticed in only about two seconds. A thief would have taken it in two seconds. I see purses left on car seats practically every time we go shopping.

Someone might offer their rebuttal, saying I am making this up, or stupid for offering such simple advice. I am not a thief. I don’t slink around parking lots peering into cars. I usually park between cars when I go shopping, as all shoppers do. I sometimes glance into a car, validating what I have said about people leaving valuables in unattended vehicles.

Thieves will steal anything of value. Leaving obviously valuable items in plain sight, in unattended vehicles, tempts thieves. If this previously described situation wasn’t a “sting” and the purse and cash were stolen, whose fault was that?

Purses, wallets, laptop computers, loose change or other valuables are being stolen practically every week from unattended cars. Whose fault is that?

Joseph C. Duckworth