The usual talking points rant

The July 20 News and Sentinel printed a letter proclaiming, “Capito needed in the U. S. Senate.” Oddly enough, the writer of that letter hardly mentioned Ms. Capito. Instead, he gave the readers a five-paragraph, anti-Obama rant that included a litany of sins, some of which had their genesis long before Obama arrived on the scene. Not once did he tell us how Ms. Capito was going to solve any of these problems or what her position was relative to these issues.

He mentioned the $17 trillion national debt but forgot to tell the readers that rapid debt increase was triggered by the 2001 Bush tax cut. That was the biggest U. S. tax cut in history and it was quickly followed by involvement in the two longest and most expensive wars in our history. Bush then added a prescription drug plan to Medicare and then came the biggest financial collapse in 80 years. The financial meltdown and recession that followed cut government tax income to the bone and the debt skyrocketed because neither the wars nor the prescription plan were funded by appropriate taxation. And Republicans have stonewalled every effort to correct the problem.

Then we had to read about Benghazi. No conservative rant would be complete without a rehash of that issue. Benghazi was a very small, local terrorist attack started and finished before Washington even knew it was happening. Republicans look foolish every time they ride the Benghazi horse. It’s lame!

Then he told us Medicare and Social Security are bankrupt. He might be right. But the people are demanding these two important social programs be kept intact. The people have no interest in vouchers as a Medicare replacement, and they don’t want Social Security privatized. They want these programs kept whole as promised by Congress decades ago. That’s easily done. Congress can fund them. Properly funded, Medicare and Social Security will be there for all of us. Funding is such a simple concept but it seems to confuse many conservatives.

I counted 28 different anti-Obama complaints in that letter, all of which the writer was trying to lay at Obama’s doorstep. He failed! But, his letter was good entertainment for conservatives who love reading that anti-Obama trash, even when it has no factual basis.

Then there’s Senate candidate, Shelley Moore Capito. Try thinking of her as just another irresponsible Congressional Republican who voted to shut down the government.

Ralph Chambers