Post 5108 cares about kids

In this day there are so many organizations that talk a good game when it comes to caring about the community, and making a way for children. In most cases that’s exactly what it is-big talk.

But I’m very proud to be associated with the VFW Post 5108. The VFW is one of the greatest community-minded organizations in the Marietta area. They have never just talked about helping kids, but have stepped up and delivered on every one of their promises made to the children of this community-all of the community’s children regardless of skill level. Sports, and particularly baseball, are for every child, not just for children who have advanced skills.

The VFW has been a savior for the annual Cincinnati Reds Legends Youth Baseball Clinic for 21 years, helping and partnering with us to provide a wonderful experience for children of all backgrounds, and all skill levels.

Many years ago, when the newly-formed Marietta Sandlot Baseball League needed a place to play and could not secure a venue, it was VFW Post 5108 who stepped up and shared their baseball field.

When a few years later the children needed a field for a high school summer legion team, the VFW stepped up again and made a way for it to happen. And 30 years ago, when the local church softball league needed help in the way of a field, guess who stepped up and made a way for it? VFW Post 5108.

Thanks to their many efforts and decades of generosity, scores of children of all backgrounds and all skill levels have been blessed in this community. They have always shared what they have with others. What a testimony to all organizations in our local area. If you have a field, basketball court, bike track, soccer field, tennis court, or any other outlet, or means that will fill a void for the area’s children, then think about sharing just a small little bit. You never know, you just might get a blessing by helping your neighbor.

Mike Wagner