Looking out for taxpayers

The taxpayers of Wood County need an advocate. It is apparent after the stadium fiasco that nobody is looking out for the taxpayer. The BOE trusted someone at the board office to monitor spending on stadium improvements and that person could not say no to a change order.

Many of us who worked for the school system learned that lesson during the bond construction project. Change orders cost lots of money. Now we have the stadium mess. PSHS could use PHS stadium for years, being bused each time, but PHS couldn’t be moved to save some overtime cost to rush completion. Now we learn the costs have almost doubled. Money was allotted for adult seating the same meeting teaching positions were cut. Priorities? Does that make sense?

In the future we could save money if we could recruit a volunteer advocate to watch out for the taxpayers. We don’t always get our money’s worth.

Brenda Brum