Facts speak for themselves

It continually amazes me to watch and listen as so many people refuse to open their eyes and think for themselves when it comes to what is happening to our schools. Jim Mullen and I have, perhaps, disagreed from time to time on tactics, but I don’t think anyone who knows him believes for a minute that his heart is not in the right place. He has very likely spent more time in school board meetings than any other citizen of Wood County and knows very well about what he speaks (and writes).

Mr. Frank Bono’s letter last Sunday attacked Jim’s claims that the school lunch program is manipulated. I was informed recently by a member of the state school board that the federal government is paying schools more than the cost of the food and preparation to encourage school districts to enroll more kids in the free lunch program. This is clearly not in the best interests of the public and represents a form of manipulation by the federal government (he did not say that teachers were involved) to make as many kids (and parents) dependent on the public dole. School boards are complicit in grabbing the money.

Mr. Bono also attacked Jim without fully understanding what he said. He is presenting facts, not innuendo or ideology. What he said was that the curriculum currently in place in Wood County is filled with progressive/liberal indoctrination and bias. That is an indisputable fact for which I and others have the evidence. Anyone who chooses to deny this has their head firmly planted in the sand. Anyone interested-including Mr. Bono-who would like to see that evidence need do one of two things: A) Read any number of textbooks presently being used in our schools; or, B) contact me through our group’s website at www.fa4wtp.com, and I or another member of our education committee will be happy to enlighten you.

It is happening folks. As I have stated on this page before, it is everyone’s responsibility to know what is being taught to our children.

I’d also like to congratulate the 1500-plus citizens who followed through and visited our website before the school board election to read what we learned when we interviewed candidates. I, for one, believe it made a difference in that election’s outcome. We can all have an opinion, but not our own “facts.”

Tom Stark