VA transportation unreliable

One recent news item that has affected the community is the scandal regarding the VA hospitals. Although it is more on a national level as opposed to a local one, it is still close to my heart. My father is a veteran of the Army National Guard, having served in the Gulf War Conflict. He frequents the VA medical facility in Clarksburg for his treatments.

He relies on the DAV for transportation. Their policy is to have those in need of transportation call at least two to seven business days prior to the appointment. However, even though my father calls within the allotted time window, he is often left stranded with no ride to his appointment.

The time spent getting ready to go, waiting for the driver who doesn’t show, and the worrying are unacceptable. He has served his country and does not deserve such stress. In writing this letter, I hope to cast light on an issue that has been overlooked on a national scale. Our veterans deserve more respect than this.

Jennifer Young