Observations on the news

I would like to make the following comments on the local, national and international observations. First, I find it appalling that the St. Joseph’s Hospital is closing. Less than a dozen years ago it was rated in the top 100 cardiac hospitals in the country. Losing medical choices is never a good thing, and the loss of 60 jobs is a catastrophe. Our local elected officials just shrug their collective shoulders and try to tell us that this is a good thing. Centralized medical care is never a good thing. More people on public assistance is not a good thing.

Second, we have to decriminalize drug crimes. We have more people incarcerated than any nation on earth. Think about that; countries with populations four times ours do not have our number of prisoners. The war on drugs has failed; the war on poverty has failed and the war on terror has failed.

That brings me to my third point: using drones to kill those that we suspect of terror activity in foreign countries is outrageous. Our politicians and military are no better than the assassins they attest to defend us from. Terror from the sky is no better than car bombs.

Kevin Harney

Greenwood, W.Va.