Obamacare doesn’t work

Is everyone ignorant, or is it just the ones we voted for? Obamacare doesn’t work. Not now, tomorrow, ever. Democrats and Republicans what are they waiting for to get rid of this? Re-election, maybe?

Wake up! If the only reason you don’t care is because you think it doesn’t affect you, think about what “free government health care” really means. Is anyone with any status in the government on O-care? Don’t think so.

Is this what they promised us? Insurance premiums up, less coverage or just plain canceled. Thanks, Barack. I’m a Democrat which really doesn’t matter at this point; we’re as bad as the Republican right if we don’t rid America of this. This abomination they call health care does not work for anyone. It’s been tried before (Canada). Success? Ask Nixon what stubbornness as a president gets you. It’s time to get off the pot and change the law.

I’ve got a friend in California who had to go under the knife. He really thought he was covered by Obamacare. He’s not a dumb person and was happy about the new law. Reality set in when the bills from the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and all the rest started to come in after six weeks and still continue to this day.

That’s what trusting Barack gets you. What is a hard-working person supposed to do? Both parties need to rid this nation of this so-called health care law.

Jeff Hofawger

Washington, W.Va.