Obama’s fiddling overture

My question now is, can the United States survive two more years under Barack Obama’s so-called leadership? This is the most inept, rotten administration of my 91 years. If my memory serves me correctly, there was a fellow by the name of Nero, who fiddled while Rome burned. Let me assure you that Barack is an experienced fiddler.

He has never disclosed where he was when four of our people were brutally murdered in Benghazi. Could it be that he was in bed asleep, resting for his trip the next day to Las Vegas to pick up loot from a fund drive and play a round of golf? I heard his speech that morning and the first thing he said “I would like to say a few words about Benghazi” with four brave Americans laying dead in the streets of that city.

Is he at it again? We have another crisis, due to his decision to air his intention to pull all troops out of Iraq three years ago. Where did he go to celebrate this disaster? To California for another round of golf and another fundraiser.

How long will it be until the more than 235 Rip Van Winkles in Washington awaken? How long will it be until Congress calls a halt to this incompetent president’s breaking the measures he signed into law? When will action be taken against Attorney General Eric Holder for his sworn lies? How convenient that two years of e-mail messages from Lois Lerner to the White House have up and disappeared. You only take the Fifth if you have something to hide. When will Hillary get healthy enough to explain why pleas for her help at Benghazi were denied?

Most respect for the U.S. is gone. Could this be by design? In my opinion, if the truth were known about the antics of Obama, 300 million people would be on sleeping pills. He has kept one promise he made: to change America. Boy, what a change.

Copious tears have been shed by loved ones who have lost many members in this war. How sad to see it all go down the drain. Anyone who chooses to govern, must keep his eye on the ball – not a golf ball. Golf is a game of concentration. Each round takes approximately four hours. Everything else must be erased from the mind.

Prepare yourself for a fiddling overture by Barack.

Ivy Yoak