Not showing respect to others

Funerals are a very trying time for everyone involved. They are also a dangerous time for the funeral procession because people have no manners or respect for the dead and their families.

Monday, we were leaving Lambert-Tatman Funeral Home on Green Street. My husband and I were talking about the funeral procession making it to Williamstown without getting run over. We made it across the Fifth Street Bridge and were crossing traffic on to Corridor D. A city bus came toward the bridge and just barreled right between cars, never even slowing down. At the very least, the driver was rude and inconsiderate. As far as I’m concerned, the driver should be fired for not paying attention to the traffic around him/her.

That said, I would like to thank the man driving the black vehicle who stopped and turned on his flashers so we could cross the westbound lanes on U.S. 50 to go up on the interstate. He was respectful and made our journey safer for us.

People demand tolerance. How about demanding respect and manners. The younger generations are spoiled brats that no one took the time to teach respect and manners, but the older people are just as bad. I am almost 60 years old, and am appalled at my generation at how rude they are.

Are people really that self-centered and in that big of a hurry that they can’t show some respect to others?

Patty Bell