Ideologies not just one issue

This is in response to “No way to meet in the middle” by Patrick Radcliff, in the June 22 edition of the News and Sentinel. As I read the first part of the letter, I found myself agreeing with the writer. There are small percentages of voters on either end of the political spectrum that are active voters and who are active in various political activities, such as campaigning and donating to a candidate and taking part in protests and demonstrations. I agree that a large portion of moderates and independents are uninvolved and uninformed. At this point, I glanced down to find Mr. Radcliff’s name. I was shocked that I was in agreement, as Mr. Radcliff sends frequent letters to the editor that almost universally bash conservatives and Republicans.

Mr. Radcliff asks what the in-between position on abortion is. This is the start of his usual method of bashing conservatives while holding up liberals as more rational, intelligent beings. He cites Roe v Wade as the universal liberal position on abortion while “Conservatives believe that women have no reproductive rights” and that conservatives “deny contraceptive rights to both sexes.” These statements are examples of typical liberal tactics during a debate: lies.

What Mr. Radcliff doesn’t recognize is that in any political movement, there are varying opinions on each issue. There are differing opinions on abortion within the conservative mindset. Some are against it in any form, even seeing contraception as abortion. Some are for contraception, but against abortion in any form after conception. Some base their opinion on trimesters. Some give caveats for instances of rape or incest. Some conservatives are even pro-choice. Some just don’t like the idea of the government allowing Planned Parenthood and pharmacies selling The Morning After Pill and other chemicals and medications to their underage daughters without parental consent.

This doesn’t fit his narrative of how stupid, ignorant, and evil conservatives are versus the enlightened state of liberalism. What is Mr. Radcliff’s opinion of pro-life liberals? What is his opinion of the liberals who have called for the option of post-birth abortion? I submit that an ideology of liberalism or conservatism is not dependent on one issue, or one extreme of any issue.

Matt Walton