Gas prices higher here

As I recently traveled south imagine my surprise as I passed the travel plazas on the West Virginia Turnpike with gas prices 20 cents cheaper than the Mid-Ohio Valley. If you have never experienced the Turnpike, know that this is highly unusual, as prices are generally significantly higher than our local average.

As I continued on my journey across four states I realized that gas prices were consistently lower than back home. Why is it that the Southeastern states, who have no refineries, are enjoying more affordable gas prices when we have refineries in our own backyard? A recent article by Brett Dunlap reported that the “harsh winter,” the “summertime blend” change, and the difficulties of supplying to some locations are to blame for the rising costs. However, I contest that many states face those same challenges, and yet their prices are significantly lower.

The article failed to mention that West Virginia and Ohio have some of the highest gasoline tax, although even that may not be to blame. North Carolina is also considered to be in the same tax bracket as West Virginia and yet my travels revealed their prices to still be lower than ours. It is time for questions to be asked and for gas prices to be lowered in the Mid-Ohio Valley!

Justin B. Thomas

Little Hocking