Don’t lock restrooms during events

Why were the restrooms at the City Park locked during the Multi-Cultural Festival? The only restrooms available were the ones in the pavilion. I understand a couple of port-a-johns were on the grounds; where? I didn’t see them.

This is one of the most publicized events Parkersburg has and it has always been a big hit. There is no admission and definitely family-oriented. There is great entertainment – entertainment you just don’t see anywhere, all kinds of foods to try, plus the vendors selling their unique wares.

These people come from all over to entertain us. They use our motels to stay in, buy groceries at our stores, and eat in our restaurants. And we lock the restrooms so no one can use them? Aren’t we a hospitable city.

This is a disgrace. When I found the restrooms were locked, I tried to call the mayor and the sheriff, but to no avail. A lot of people work very hard to put this event together, Rick Rubin, Charlotte Owens, Bea Corra, and many, many others. They do a fantastic job. This event was very well attended and people appreciate having something like this in our city. Next year, let’s see if we can unlock those restrooms.