Let candidate serve community

I wanted to write a letter concerning the village council issue in Chesterhill. I want to know about voters’ rights. The people voted Rebecca Grady into the office of village council, and not letting her hold her position is like a slap in the face to voters. It goes against our rights as voters just because the local government has their own plan. The local government of Chesterhill does not make the rules. They need to follow the same rules of government as the rest of the United States.

The Morgan County Board of Elections did what they needed to do to verify residency for Rebecca Grady. They followed the law and rules throughout this whole election process. Rebecca was voted in, duly elected.

I cannot help but wonder where the board of elections’ voice is now? Why are they not speaking out? Where is Secretary of State Jon Husted, to back them up? These are their rules. The rules were followed. Why aren’t they enforcing them?

I feel like Rebecca Grady is doing the right thing. She is a qualified candidate, she is voted in, sworn in and she should be allowed to serve our community. She would be an asset serving as a village council member.

Ashlee Stevens

Chesterhill, Ohio