An absence of conscience

Annette Bosworth, Republican candidate in South Dakota who is calling recipients of welfare, animals, is a doctor. The Republican mindset is if you start life from generations long disadvantaged, where success is harder to achieve, if you are born in the wrong zip code, state, or wrong gene pool, then you are subhuman. How does it make you feel when you cast a ballot for someone like this prejudiced hater?

Do you feel superior? Do you feel contempt towards people less fortunate than you? Are you deluded enough to think that you will never be in the position whereby your tiny world of moderate financial security might never fall apart? That you don’t have enough money left over for the niceties of life like, say, food?

She’s another entitled self-serving rich person, who can’t and won’t understand that America has people who may go a day without food, still put in a full day’s work, day in and day out and still don’t make enough money to cover their bills and have the luxury of eating, too.

An animal has no conscience yet this woman displays an absence of conscience, and she is a predator and her victims are everybody who she feels is not her equal?

It’s so disheartening to think that a single person in the U.S. thinks like this woman. They have no conscience. How do they sleep at night?

Jerry L. Payne