Wake-up call from Wisconsin

This letter is regarding your April 23rd front-page story to remove Bible verse. I sincerely hope this is a wake-up call to all the lazy conservatives sitting on their comfy sofa who read this. This action is the result of “someone” who wanted to remove our rights and called the Free From Religion group. This is the evidence of what one person can accomplish. It is time that each of us who believe in God and as well as the Bible to get our lazy rear ends out of our lazy boys and make a difference.

The article said “parents and taxpayers expect and desire a secular education.” Really? Is that what the survey said or what one person in Parkersburg area said? Wonder what if anything would have happened if the shirt had a statement from the Koran rather than from the Bible. No, I really don’t wonder as the answer is that nothing would have been said.

Just a couple suggestions in case no one knows what or how to make a difference. Start our own nonprofit organization called Freedom From Atheists and Agnostics Foundation. Or maybe every person attending any sporting event in the area get a T-shirt stating “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Wonder how the person who was offended by seeing 10-12 young people wearing the shirts would feel about seeing 500 adults wearing those shirts.

One person in action can make a difference however sitting at home doing nothing but complaining won’t. Prayer in school, Pledge of Allegiance, God’s name from currency, Ten Commandments from public properties, Bible verses from T-shirts, what will be the next thing they do while we sit at home and complain?

Dennis Sellers