Threat to gun owners is real

I would like to respond to Mr. Chambers, who disagrees with my pro-NRA position. The biggest lie is offered by the anti-gunners, that the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty poses no threat to U.S. gun owners. Not so. The U.S. Constitution Article VI, paragraph 2 reads, in part, that any treaty made under the approval of the U.S. shall become the supreme law of the land. In other words, a U.N. treaty would be sovereign over the U.S. Constitution. Period.

Obama’s push for gun control speaks for itself. If, with treaty in hand, Obama could disarm the American people, he would do so, in a heartbeat. Dictatorships, like Iran and North Korea, are pushing the A.T.T. to ensure their citizenry remains disarmed. Unarmed citizens are easier to keep under the control of an oppressive government. Evil dictators love the idea of U.N. gun control to ensure they remain in power.

If Obama appoints one more liberal, anti-gun justice for the U.S. Supreme Court, Reid v. Covert, Heller v. MacDonald, etc., could be overturned by one vote. A 5-4 decision could forever make our Second Amendment history.

Obama never talks about the A.T.T. in the media, he wants to keep U.S. gun owners in the dark about the A.T.T., while he quietly tries to pass it under the radar. It’s thanks to pro-gun groups like the NRA that the truth is out. Considering the U.N. has a history of being anti U.S. and anti Israel, the U.N. would love to trample our Second Amendment gun rights because we are a model for the rest of the world. Ratification of the A.T.T. would give them the weapon they need to do so.

I fail to understand why Mr. Chambers seems so rabidly anti-NRA. If Mr. Chambers doesn’t agree with the NRA, he doesn’t have to join. It’s that simple. The NRA is right, our Second Amendment is threatened by the U.N., the A.T.T., anti-gun politicians, the Obama administration. Just because some people refuse to see threats don’t mean the threats don’t exist.

As a side note, if Obama was serious about ending shootings on military bases, he would pen an executive order rescinding President Clinton’s 1993 executive order against carrying sidearms on military bases. It was Clinton’s executive order that turned our military bases into killing zones.

Steve Wolverton