Success at Oak Grove Cemetery

About 60 members of our community worked side by side on April 5 to make improvements in Oak Grove Cemetery. The corner of Opal Willoughby’s family plot was often inadvertently driven on by visitors to the cemetery. Four metal posts were previously installed to prevent this from happening in the future, but damage had already been done to the family plot. The work crew used nearly a dozen wheelbarrows of dirt and one ton of sod to repair the damage to the plot by vehicles and naturally occurring erosion. Three foot stones were also reset during the process.

There are several revetments in Oak Grove Cemetery that are in dire need of repair. Bricks were used to construct these revetments which help maintain the sloping banks and deter erosion on the back side of Oak Grove Cemetery.

Nearly 110 feet of revetment were repaired by removing the bricks from the hillside, shaving the hillside to the proper slope, and then replacing the cleaned bricks. When the bricks were removed from the hillside and cleaned, it was discovered that the bricks were manufactured by local brick factories of the time. Cisler, Noble and Acme were some of the names on the bricks.

Ditches were also cleaned of dirt, leaves and debris as part of the work day. Three trailers full of dirt and debris (roughly 10-12 tons) were removed from the cemetery, as well as several large bags of leaves. We would like to thank everyone who had a hand in making this community service day a success. No matter how large or small your part, it was truly appreciated.

Chris Painter