Flooded by tricky language, leaders

In a recent column (Parkersburg News and Sentinel, March 30) the executive editor of the Wheeling Intelligencer (owned by the same company that owns the Parkersburg News and Marietta Times) suggested the Obama administration deceived a huge bipartisan majority of Congress into signing a bill (which they wrote) reducing tax subsidies for flood insurance. Prompted in part by costs of coastal flooding, the Federal Emergency Management Agency claimed the bill would “allow rates to rise to reflect true flood risks” in all flood prone areas.

That’s pretty tricky language since that is exactly what the bill co-sponsored by a Republican and a Democrat was intended to do. Apparently our own Rep. Bill Johnson was tricked since he voted for the original bill but recently voted to get this burden (higher flood insurance) off the “backs of hard working Americans” (and put some of it on other people’s backs).

Imagine Congress writing a bill designed to reflect actual flood risks and remove taxpayer subsidies, then being tricked into signing it.

Kim McMichael

Cutler, Ohio