Dispensing with bogus charges

While I have a couple of issues with the President, in recent weeks there have been many letters with many allegations of poor performance on his part – all bogus. It’s much easier to make a wild allegation and offer no substantiating evidence than it is to make a well reasoned criticism. Why think? Just suck up the propaganda from Fox News. A letter last Sunday took the cake. Seven paragraphs of criticisms and not one of them had one iota of validity.

Presidential qualifications – a favorite subject. Bush had two terms as governor of our largest state, a decent sounding resume. Yet he was the worst president in our history. Unlike most on the right, I’ll back up my assertion with facts. He lied us into war. Over 100,000 innocents were killed. He violated the Constitution – remember the telecoms? His fiscal policy and lack of regard for regulations ruined the economy putting millions out of work and subsequently on government assistance. He turned over to his successor the worst mess in history. Obama has vastly improved all areas. Not bad for a Marxist, commie, Muslim, community organizer.

Obama promotes government dependency. Oh? More were receiving government assistance when Bush left office than at any time in modern history. Obama has consistently reduced unemployment taking people off government assistance.

Redistribution of wealth. I would hope Obama is for it. No, this does not mean taking all assets and distributing them evenly among the citizenry. And it is not anti-Capitalistic. It is pro middle class. I’m sure there have been more conflicts between “haves” and “have nots” than between “haves.” The fact is the rich are getting richer and the middle class continues in stagnation just like they have over the last several administrations.

Preparation for an assault on our Constitution? Can it get any deeper than this? Not worthy of comment.

Weak and feckless against Putin? Putin was probably inspired by Bush’s antics – whip up some lies and invade. How could Obama take a hard stand on Crimea when the people danced in the streets after annexation? As for Ukraine, I would advise the President to fully support the hard line (LOL) taken by the European community. After all, it’s in their back yard.

I’d much rather the President bow to another world leader than to start an unnecessary multi-year war, or even multi- hour war.

Don Lowe