City needs jobs, not ballparks

I’m writing concerning the jobs we used to have here in Parkersburg. Here, Mayor Newell is worried about getting a baseball park here in Parkersburg and said it would bring jobs to the area. If you take a drive down Camden Avenue you see several plants that have moved out of the area and buildings just sitting there, empty.

Let’s forget about bringing the ballpark to Parkersburg with minimum wage rates and let’s get the shovel plants and all the other plants there on Camden Avenue back up and running with decent wages so our grandkids and their kids will have something to look forward to in life besides working at a minimum wage baseball park.

If Parkersburg keeps letting all the plants and factories leave the area, what good is it going to have a baseball park here and no one to go to it because there will be nothing but minimum wage jobs in the area and no one will be able to afford to go to the ballpark.

So Mayor Newell and who ever else wants this baseball park in Parkersburg needs to stop and think. Do we want a baseball park, or do we want our plants and factories to stay in the area for our children’s future?

So everyone needs to say goodbye baseball park and welcome back plant and factory jobs in Parkersburg.

John D. McIntyre