Abortion bill needs to pass

I’m 100 percent against all abortions. I believe it is murder of an innocent human being who God created and has an awesome plan for. I have two children in Heaven who doctors, nurses, my husband and I fought hard to save. So, I know the value of human life and will not take it for granted.

For three years lawmakers have tried to pass a law to stop abortions of babies over 20 weeks. At 20 weeks it’s proven that these babies can feel this pain!

West Virginia is one of only five states left in the United States allowing this type of abortion. Can we ban all abortion? I pray someday Christians will stand for what God stands for and all abortions will be banned! But now we are called to stop this type of abortion, they are happening everyday in our state!

Lawmakers heard the majority of people who want this type of killing to stop. They made a law and sent it to the Governor but he didn’t like it, so he killed it. If we can get enough people to tell him we want this law, he will have to give the law back to the lawmakers. But the Governor is refusing to give the law back to the lawmakers until next year. That is a lot of aborted babies – we need to act now! He has scheduled lawmakers to come together in May to rewrite the law to raise minimum wage. We need to tell Governor to put this law on the things-to-do list.

Call 304-558-2000. Ask to speak to Gov. Tomblin about “Bill 4588 Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act,” if not available they will take a message. Tell them you are upset because he vetoed Bill 4588 and you want him to add it to the agenda of the Special Session of the House in May. Get the person’s name you talked to.

Jane Freeland