A call for the unborn

Last Friday the Governor of West Virginia shocked everyone with his decision to veto the “Unborn Pain Capable Act” which would have outlawed abortions after 20 weeks when it has been medically proven that the unborn child can feel pain.

In Washington, D.C., being a Democrat almost always means you vote pro-choice, and being a Republican almost always means you vote pro-life. But here in West Virginia, both Democrats and Republicans are for the most part pro-life and proud of it. The fact that this legislation passed both the House and Senate in Charleston bears this fact out. All the more shocking that Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin who had always taken a stand for the unborn in his political career should suddenly do an about face.

Tuesday evening hundreds gathered from around the state on the lawn around the Governor’s Mansion in Charleston for a candlelight vigil. We prayed for both our governor and the people of West Virginia to take a stand for life! Please call Sens. Nohe and Boley and Representatives Anderson, Azinger, Border, Ellem and Poling and urge them to call a special session of the Legislature and override the governor’s veto. Ten other states have successfully passed this law to protect the unborn and both our Attorney General, Patrick Morissey and the National Right to Life attorneys feel it will pass constitutional muster. Regardless that a woman who wants her unborn child calls it a baby or a woman who doesn’t want her unborn child calls it a fetus, both are capable of feeling pain at the age of 20 weeks!

“To him therefore who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.”

Patty Cooper