Thinking for yourself

An informed and educated electorate is a fundamental building block of any successful democracy. In today’s world there are so many ways for a citizen to become informed about current events and just as many ways to be misinformed. An example of this misinformation is Natalie Tenant’s claim that her opponent in the upcoming Senate race, Congresswoman Shelly Capito, is solely responsible for rising flood insurance premiums for West Virginians. This is simply false. The bill in Congress was called the Biggert-Waters Flood Reform Act. It passed through both houses of Congress with overwhelming support. Our entire West Virginia delegation voted in favor of this bill. This was a case of a politician spinning a story so as to achieve a short-term political gain.

In these trying times we need information that is accurate and without bias. Our elected officials should work for the benefit of our state. When we as citizens accept things on face value we leave ourselves open to believe anything we are told. Only when we think for ourselves can we improve the way things are done. We need to ask questions and think for ourselves.

Rocky Peck


EDITOR’S NOTE: Rocky Peck is vice chairman of the West Virginia State Republican Executive Committee, and Committeeman, Union District, Wood County Republican Executive Committee.