The kindness of strangers

I am hoping someone will recognize the person, who helped me when I lost a pickup load of hay a few days ago. I don’t know his name and he said it didn’t matter, but it matters to me. “Danny” was tall and wore a black, leather vest, and drove a small navy blue, car.

I have hauled hay for my horses for many years from the Marietta area. For the first time, I lost a pickup load, on I-77, at the Emerson Avenue exit. The bales stopped traffic in both southbound, lanes and I am thankful no one wrecked or was injured.

I called 911 to report what happened, and before I could get out of my pickup, Danny was there throwing bales off the road and offering to help reload bales that didn’t break. I don’t know what I would have done had he not stopped.

Danny threw every bale to me, so I could stack it. He also strapped the hay. If that was not enough, he stayed with me until we reached his exit and he then stopped again and rechecked my load, to make certain it was still tied.

Thanking Danny over and over did not seem enough, for all he had done, but he would not accept anything more. Hundreds of people drove past us that afternoon, but they didn’t stop. Men as kind and thoughtful as Danny are far and few between. If you know “Danny” please extend my gratitude and shake his hand. You won’t meet many like him these days.

I would like to thank the gentleman, who parked several yards away, and walked, all the way to my truck, to offer an extra tie down strap.

I thank Dave Welsh, from Williamstown, who put himself, in a risky position along the berm to keep all of us safe, while watching traffic and moving hay. He ignored the fact that he could have ruined the suit he was wearing, in order to help me.

I want to thank State Trooper G.P. Honakar. He could not have been kinder and more considerate, nor more professional. I know he risked his life monitoring traffic and moving hay. He was also kind enough to follow me to the Mineral Wells exit, to make certain I could make it to a less busy road. I hope Trooper Honakar’s superior officer will compliment him on a job well done.

The Wood County area is very fortunate to have men of such high quality living and working in your area.

Karen Denbigh