Take care of city employees

I’m writing concerning the City of Parkersburg User Fee. I have often wondered where all the money has gone from the user fee that Mayor Newell and city council had passed three years ago. You take $2.50 per week from every working person here in the city of Parkersburg and how much money does the city of Parkersburg collect in a month? Who knows the Mayor or City Council will not let the amounts out.

Now, Mayor Newell is on the news talking about the user fee because there are several people questioning the mayor and city council about the user fee. Where is all that money that they have collected? Mayor Newell is saying that’s what they are going to buy the police cars with.

When Mayor Nicely, Mayor Al Smith, Mayor Knotts, Mayor Colombo was in office we never had a user fee and they never had a problem buying police cars, fire trucks, snow removal supplies. But now we have a user fee being charged to every working person in Parkersburg and we can’t afford to buy police cars or any other equipment.

I believe Mayor Newell and city council needs to hold a special meeting and talk about the police cars staying at the station and they pick them up on their duty time. That would save the city several thousands of dollars on fuel, wear and tear of the vehicle, and save mileage where we don’t have to purchase the cars as often as we are buying them now. Yes the police cars look good setting in the neighborhood for safety reasons but we don’t live in a big city where there is crime everyday.

Sanitation department doesn’t take their trucks home or the street department doesn’t take their trucks home so why should we let the police take their vehicles home?

Let’s take some of the user fee money and take care of the city of employees and let’s give them a decent raise and make them feel wanted to go do their job and be proud of the job they’re doing for the city of Parkersburg.

Take care of the employees and, hey, will take care of the City of Parkersburg.

Enough said.

John D. McIntyre