Stadium committee’s legal scam

In my opinion there is only one word to say about the PHS stadium issue – scammed! We are always hearing about scams going on in this area and how to better prepare for such incidents, like never give out your banking information or Social Security number. Never did I imagine that we would need to worry about respected businessmen and community members.

The BOE should have never handed out $700,000 to anybody without having some kind of control and overseeing the rest of the work being done behind everyone’s back. The BOE is as much to blame as is the committee. I truly believe the committee members had no intention whatsoever to worry about any financial situation. They wanted the stadium done (and of course bigger and better than anybody else in the state) at no cost of their own because they feel their athletes somehow “deserve the best.” They knew the whole time there was no money and they knew the BOE would be held responsible.

I have no clue why the BOE is wasting more money in doing an audit. I don’t believe any money was mishandled or taken – they didn’t have enough money to finish the project and they knew it, but continued with the construction anyway. We don’t need intelligent people telling us this information and charging us big bucks for another bill as well. Where is the common sense? They had no money to finish the project. It is truly hard to comprehend that this committee scammed all of Wood County to get what they wanted and apparently felt like PHS deserved it with no regrets at all.

From what I read in the paper from the BOE meeting this week, not one committee member showed up at the meeting to discuss anything or to even try and work out the repaying of the $455,000 they owe the BOE. The bill is being paid, the committee knows that and they got exactly what they set out to do. We all know that money will never be repaid and I’m sure the committee members will be moving on and will soon be done with the project – they will let someone else worry about the visitors side now. It’s a shame. Not sure how anybody could sit in that stadium holding their head high.

Shawna Lynn Winans

Washington, W.Va.