Obama’s disastrous presidency

On the eve of her husband’s inauguration, Michelle Obama declared, “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.” I was somewhat confused by her statement – after all, the Obamas had been educated in prestigious colleges and were well prepared for whatever careers they might choose.

Barack Obama came on the scene in Illinois as a new type of politician, similar to John Kennedy some 60 years earlier. Both were well educated, physically attractive, charismatic, and excellent speakers, expressing ideas as to how the nation’s problems could be resolved.

Tragically, Kennedy’s administration lasted less than three years, but within that time he stimulated the economy via a tax cut, took immediate and decisive action to force the Russians to remove missiles they had secretly installed in Cuba, and initiated the space program that placed men on the moon within the time frame that he had initially set. Lastly, he supported new legislation to improve the lot of African-Americans that had been ignored by previous administrations.

The one negative point was the ill-fated attempt to remove Castro in Cuba. For that failure, Kennedy took full responsibility as one would expect from a truthful and courageous leader. Times were generally good in the early 1960s. The economy had improved, unemployment was low, the armed forces were strong, and American prestige worldwide was at a high point.

Barack Obama was elected during a severe economic crisis, which he attributed to mistakes of the Bush administration. He outlined a series of proposals that would resolve this nation’s economic problems, and, above all, he promised a transparent administration.

Almost six years later, none of his programs have helped the economy. His initiatives, such as the economic stimulus, Solyndra, Cash for Clunkers, and shovel-ready projects, have been costly failures. Likewise, his many executive orders have restricted economic growth or delayed such projects as construction of the Keystone pipeline. Obama has been a complete disaster.

Ditto for foreign policy. American prestige has been weakened to the point where few nations trust in our reliability or desire to provide effective leadership in world affairs. In spite of this, Obama wants to scale back our armed forces. The present situation does not bode well for the safety of our country considering the fact that we are confronted by a dangerous and fanatical enemy, Islam, bent on the destruction of Western Civilization. This is a situation in which we must prevail. To do otherwise would be unthinkable.

Lou Corazzi