Not searching for the truth

The march of radical systemic reforms to West Virginia education, under the cover of Common Core, to nationalize education continues. Everything that should have been asked and answered in the education committees of the Senate and the House of Delegates but could not be covered in that short time or would not be allowed by the powers controlling.

The leaders of the Senate and the House didn’t do their due diligence and allow a true hearing of the issues with Common Core, (standards, testing, curriculum, DATA Collection and Sharing, and costs to the state, i.e., the taxpaying citizens). Instead they have relied on the talking heads of the Department of Education repeating their prepared nationwide talking points to dissuade them from seeking the truth.

On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee voted to forward a bill that allows the collection and disbursement of information on each and every child, from childcare to the workforce and beyond, to the floor of the House for a full vote. It is down to the wire and a final vote on the floor of the House of Delegates, which is guaranteed to pass because the overwhelming majority have not done their due diligence in examining this national program that is about to be visited fully in all of its fury upon the students of West Virginia. A mistake they and their children and grandchildren will pay for and they will regret for years to come. A mistake that could have been avoided if only our representatives had fulfilled their obligation to the citizens of West Virginia, done their homework, and held the necessary open hearings to allow a thorough vetting of Common Core.

They know not what they do and it sickens me to think of the damage and destruction that will be done simply because they did not have the interest or the time to search for the truth. The taxpayers and the children of West Virginia are the losers and will be the most damaged by the Legislature’s uninformed actions. By the time folks read this the vote will most likely have been taken, but I hope the people will remember their representative’s lack of concern and their willingness to just go along when it comes time to vote this year.

Dave Flinn