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There has been quite an uproar in the community over the Facebook post made by Parkersburg South teacher David Foggin. I was troubled after reading the article you published March 19. Your reporters commented on the main issue in a pretty respectable manner. They did not, however, stop with that. They continued on a separate topic far from the main point that everyone is arguing about.

In Foggin’s second post, he made a comment about concealed weapons permits. Your reporters used this information to try and gain access to Foggin’s personal information. They then reported Foggin lives in the Belleville area and they could not get any further information. Why was this information reported, or even mentioned for that matter? Your reporters made it a point to share the location of the Foggin family and made it sound as if they would have given more information if they had found it. Does the Parkersburg News and Sentinel make it a common practice to try and let their readers know personal information of people in such controversy? This made it sound like you are trying to promote some sort of violence or vandalism towards the Foggin household. This is completely unnecessary. You are supposed to be reporting news, not provoking an already sensitive subject.

After disclosing the location with all the information they could gather, they continued with facts about where a concealed weapon can be carried. I feel that, too, is some sort of corrupt seed being planted in the minds of already upset readers, randomly pointing out a separate highly controversial issue that has nothing to do with this story at all. There is enough happening without the news corrupting fact by adding things that do not apply to the situation. What is to make others feel secure if they happen to have the misfortune of falling into a community “scandal” such as this? If another issue was being questioned would you still be trying to make an example of this man? Somebody could take the information you provided to try and cause harm to him or his family.

You are promoting this opportunity for violence and fueling hatred. Next time please report the story without adding unnecessary information.

Tim Nolan