Insurance tax hurts businesses

It is unacceptable for the federal government to force self-employed individuals and small businesses to pay higher premiums for health insurance. The Health Insurance Tax, part of the Affordable Care Act, won’t help small businesses or the economy. There are many reasons that the unjust tax must be repealed, and Congress has an excellent chance to do that by enacting the Jobs and Premium Protection Act.

We have a very small family business here that has operated since 1946. Our profit margins are extremely thin, so any expense that comes up digs directly into our bottom line. The Health Insurance Tax will increase our premiums by about $500 for each policy that we have. I understand that I am not required to provide health insurance for my workers under the federal health care law, so the insurance will likely be the first thing to go if things get too tough. I don’t think this is how the health care law is supposed to work, however.

I also don’t care for the idea that entities like unions and giant corporations will not pay higher premiums as a result of the tax. It seems that small businesses always get the short end of the stick, and this is no different with the Health Insurance Tax. Slighting small businesses is horrible for our country because we help hold neighborhoods and communities together. Our business does community work like providing picnics for football teams, as well as a Christmas auction to help with gifts for less fortunate local families. We adopt somewhere between seven and 10 families as part of our Christmas activities, and I don’t want to see even more pressure on us to where we can no longer do these things.

Somehow our little business has always figured out a way to provide health insurance for our sole employee. It’s neither fair nor necessary to make this more difficult on us by continuing to tax health insurance companies to pay for the new federal health care law. I hope that our elected officials in Washington, D.C., agree with me that the tax is unnecessary. They most vote “yes” on the Jobs and Premium Protection Act.

David Wright