Bond set dangerously low

I am writing this, as it pertains to a story in Thursday’s edition. The said story was in regards to Emmory Kelley Terrell. As I understand, this man was facing trial on child pornography charges when he was subsequently arrested for uploading yet more pictures depicting children in a sexually explicit manner.

Now here’s the problem! He is being held in lieu of $15,000 bond. I see everyday people who are facing, let’s say, drug charges, whose bonds are set at upwards of $100,000. Now I’m not saying that one crime is worse than the other but where is the sense in this? How can somebody out on bond for child pornography charges, be arrested for more of the same charges and be given a bond at all?

I think that more people need to speak up and ask for some answers regarding the unattainable bonds being set for some charges when they are giving serial child predators chance after chance to get out and prey on our children.

Greg Stanley