This is just the beginning

Recently our water board requested a 30 percent increase over a four-year period and your city council approved this malarkey. Our small city is full of retirees, widows, orphans and poor people. An article in the News and Sentinel informed us of how the Catholic charities are helping seniors who can’t pay their water bills right now. What’s going to happen when this higher rate comes in? I’ll tell you. People will move out if at all possible, and those who are left will be dependent on all the resources in the community instead of being able to pay their bills as they have worked a lifetime to be able to do.

Too many of these instances are going to happen across the state because small towns and cities like Parkersburg will lose their tax base, which will cause the state to lose a representative. We know this because demographics are changing and sooner rather than later, big states are going to demand more representation and more say in how government proceeds.

Parkersburg needs to realize that we are a community of 25,000 and we need to function as a city of the same. Growth for growth’s sake does nothing but inflate those things that contribute very little to the value of the community, but they suck the blood from our tax base. Does this Frontier League baseball team ring a bell with its out-of-town league control of everything and seemingly all of the revenue that could accrue going through their hands? With these things happening all over the country, do you think this will not occur here? Read paragraphs one and two again and look around at your neighbors who need help.

The mayor and the stadium committee will tell you that this is a TIF (Tax Increment Financing) project and this means that the people will not have to pay for this stadium. I don’t believe it and one reason is that this committee has used $20,000 of taxpayer funds for the first part of the feasibility study, and now is projecting $20,000 more in taxpayer funds for the second part of the feasibility study. This is just the beginning, folks.

Eugene A. DiClemente