Tennant’s negative campaign

Since Natalie Tennant has rolled out her campaign for U.S. Senate against Shelley Moore Capito it has been one negative attack after another. Tennant’s campaign has produced only vague policy statements with no clear stance on how she would vote if elected. Instead of running with a positive message, Tennant has decided to criticize both Capito and the Republican Party for supporting fiscal responsibility and opposing the big government agenda of the Democratic Party.

I have no problem with Tennant pointing out Capito’s voting record to show a contrast with her own policy views. However Tennant has refused to state what she would’ve done differently. If you attack Capito for voting against Obamacare then you should at least say you’re in favor of the law.

I also find it interesting that Tennant was a delegate for President Obama in the 2012 Democratic National Convention. If Tennant is so sincere on supporting coal and other policies that are vital to West Virginia’s economy then why did she support Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections? This seems highly hypocritical to me.

Congresswoman Capito has a strong record on coal, wants to repeal Obamacare and is determined to protect my Second Amendment rights. Tennant, on the other hand, has already been endorsed by Michelle Obama and is running on a national party platform that contrasts with the views of most West Virginians.

With Natalie Tennant’s public support of President Obama and unclear answers on policy, I hope Tennant will stop with the negative campaigning and answer a few questions of her own.

Tyler Ohrn