Perceptions of our military

I have a few thoughts on Mr. Harpool’s response to Mr. Dent’s comments on diversity in the military. First, I contend that it is precisely Judeo-Christian values that proclaim a freedom of religion, not from religion, and reject a state-sanctioned religion. Regardless if that religion were Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Humanism, atheist or any other faith.

Mr. Harpool stated that the only objection to beards and turbans are functionality, and a biased perception of what uniforms can look like. I have never been in the military but the functionality of a helmet fitting, or gas mask sealing does seem to be a problem of functionality and nothing to do with what a uniform “should” look like.

Our perception of Muslim violence may be skewed by media reports such as 9-11, the beheading of Daniel Pearl, Ben Loden’s statements, the Fort Hood shooter, and several self-proclaimed Muslim terrorists. To put all Muslims in that category is wrong. However we would be fools not to fear those radical, religious minorities, or majorities.

Mr. Harpool seems to suggest that the problem of sexual assault within the military is directly related to a mostly Christian force. I would suggest Mr. Harpool research the treatment of women in Muslim countries before he cast a stone at the Christian faith.

I would like to close by agreeing with Mr. Harpool that the devastating rate of suicide among serving and retired military veterans needs to be seriously addressed.

Pierce Martin